The Americas Tuna Conference 2018 was attended by about 200 participants from 40 countries. Among participants were visitors from most European nations, as well from North America, South America, Micronesia, Africa, Asia and Australia.

The Americas Tuna Conference 2018 brought together professionals from all parts of the global tuna business and presented the latest developments and innovations in the ever changing EUR 5.3 billion European tuna market.

There were great expert presentations and discussions based on topics such as:

  • Storage of Tuna in the Holds of Vessels Previously Used for Storing Fuel
  • Freezing Temperatures of Whole Round Tuna on Tuna Purse Seiners
  • Illegal Use of Additives in Yellowfin Tuna Products
  • Social Accountability And Flexible Labor – Can They Go Together?
  • Impact Of The Reduction Of FADs
  • Blockchain – Heading Towards Sustainable Fishing
  • PNA – Tuna Dominance In The Supply Chain
  • Ecuador’s Growing Position In The EU
  • Is The Power Of US Big Three Brands Fading?
  • The Impact On The Americas’ Supply Of Seiner Fleets Shifting From WCP To EPO
  • Will Asian Investment In Latin Tuna Brands Change The Industry Landscape
  • The Increasing Dominance Of Tuna Resource Owners On The Supply Chain
  • Are FIPs Becoming The New Sustainability Standard?
  • Is MSC The Emerging Tuna Industry Standard That Will Replace Dolphin Safe?
  • Microplastics To Selenium: Shifting Away From Fear Towards Health Benefits
  • Shifting Towards An Economically Viable Model For Catch And By–Catch Reduction
  • The Successful Rise & Future Of Family Owned Tuna Companies
  • How To Reach Sustainable Tuna Fisheries?
  • US, Central American And South America Market Overview