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WHAT SETS ATUNA.COM APART FROM OTHER SEAFOOD NEWS WEBSITES? is entirely specialized in one seafood species: TUNA. 
Information about other seafood types will not be found in our website. exclusively publishes need-to-know information for the global tuna business. We understand your time is valuable, thus we strive to keep our news relevant and concise every day. news content is globally gathered, analyzed, enriched and reported by our tuna trading specialist editorial team. fully comprehends the tuna business global scale, that’s why we count with a diversified language skilled team that keeps track on the most important tuna-related news in South America, North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. was founded in 1998; it initially started as a blog with the aim of keeping the tuna stakeholders informed and up-to-date with the latest developments on the tuna industry.

In 2007 Atuna organized the first European Tuna Conference (ETC), the conference has been held bi-annually in Brussels, Belgium ever since then. The ETC brings together leading raw material suppliers, fishing companies, processors, tuna brands, distributors and traders, as well as retailers and bankers to debate and discuss the challenges and opportunities within the tuna industry. Atuna is also organizer of the Americas Tuna Conference in Panama City, Panama, and African Tuna Conference in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

Additionally, Atuna is a main collaborator of the bi-annual World Tuna Conference in Bangkok, Thailand. readers come from many different fields of the tuna spectrum including: management of the leading tuna brands , buyers of many large supermarket chains, export managers of tuna processing plants, scientists researching tuna, environmental organizations and activists, directors of regional tuna management organizations, government fisheries agencies, politicians and policy makers of many tuna fishing and producing countries, bankers, investors, analysts, tuna fleet owners, consultants, eco-label organizations, and many more.

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